large scary dog


Took in a massive, dangerous looking dog. Had to bicker with parents about having it stay for a while, especially after it took a shine to me. It was actually quite well behaved, just slightly scary looking. I checked, and it wasn't a rotweiler or a pit, so we settled on it being a mutt. A large, wolflike, shadowy creature. It turned out it had tags, one of which was an owners phone number. I made a mental note to call it later.

There was a spiky, disgusting spider in the house. I didn't want to just kill it so I repeatedly told everyone I'd find a cage. The spider molted and its spiky exoskeleton dropped right into my brother's drawer. The soft bodied spider continued to squirm and try and get away but was much less threatening. I found a cage and we put it in, but it immediately escaped into a hopelessly cluttered closet. There was a hole smashed in the side of the container. We tried searching the closet for a while, but decided it was a lost cause.

We were at some kind of mall christmas event with the dog. It was a bunch of trees set up on an upper floor with a wiiide balcony wrapping around the square corner of the building, several stores lined the walls. There was a large drop down to the rest of the mall below. Under the trees were various play pit type Christmas themed zones, with a few people in them each. Some had boxes you'd bust through, some had candy.