ball lightning


We were going camping. We drove to the campsite and walked to the field where they had let us set up. It was in a clearing in a valley between two thick forests. We got the equipment out and started laying things out. Hunger struck and we took a break to go to a nearby picnic table to make some food. During preparation lightning started. We saw firework-esque fireballs rise and explode from the trees over and over. Soon it was setting their tops on fire. The rain worked quickly to put it out. For whatever reason the rain didn't bother us and we stayed outside. A massive swarm of the explosions lit the forest nearby, and we could see a wildfire had properly started. Panicked, we took what we could from our site as people began rushing away. We could hear sirens in the distance. He jumped in the drivers seat and I fell into the back. He sped off down the road, I occasionally had to tell him to be careful, and soon enough we got onto the highway back home. We said we could also go back tomorrow to collect whatever was left of our equipment, certainly better than being dead.