sickness hallucinations


I was up all night, did not properly dream. However, feverish hallucinations kept me up all through the night with my sickness. A bad bout of food poisoning.

I felt aches throughout my body, my muscles spasmodic. It felt as though I had to shift to brace myself against these every few minutes. It struck me that unlike many other illnesses, for stomach issues you had to create a much more rigorous sort of fortress for yourself in your room. You must set a place to extricate the bad bile from your system, a place to refill on what fluids you could introduce, and a means of contorting yourself such that you could avoid the worst of the spasms assaulting your body.

My mind continued extrapolating on this concept in the dim hours, I kept feeling myself metamorphose into something pulsating beneath the sheets. Yet every time I looked I was still somehow human, even though I could have sworn I had melted into a mass of veiny, blobby flesh. I could feel it happen each time, feel my body becoming inhuman, sense the outgrowths, only to look below the covers and find myself intact.

At times I felt unable to become better, I felt I needed to purge all the liquid from my system in order to become better. In order to do so, my delusions developed a sort of filtration outcropping system, a strange gill unfolded from the side of my body. It was aged, studded with filter feeder shellfish that gently opened and closed their mouths in the waves of air gusting from my fan. I became some form of half-crustacean, odd outgrowths bursting from my skin. I felt gurgling from my gut. I saw the world in sickly-pleasant-warm tones.

I could feel ache coming from every last part of my body. It was never unbearable, and yet its consistency was torment. Just endless waves of discomfort emanating from the gooey interior of my body I never quite think enough about. Food poisoning, more so than diseases of other parts of the body, makes you aware of how interconnected your systems are. The gut provides that which powers the rest of you, and if it is providing bad fuel, your body will certainly let you know.