Was at a celebration for finishing my projects. It started at a stark white museum, where I ran around freely, sliding down bannisters in abandoned areas. I eventually made my way back to a club like area where I drank with friends.

At a church in an alcove its a small and cozy feeling chapel. The walls are eggshell white but there are many inset shelves, runners, and fixtures all in warm, pleasantly reddish stained wood. The place elicits a calming presence.

I am there with my coworkers, prepared for a big a fight and argument in front of a crowd about our projects, knowing that this was going to be awful. Instead the ceo left almost immediately and I breathed a sigh of relief. We listened to someone play about two songs on piano and then got ready to leave. Someone who was terrible to me through my school life, was sitting across from me on the aisle, but I ignored him. Apparently everyone was very mad anyways and he got berated and flipped off by everyone when he got belligerent. I talked to a girl from school about all this and how I took a little bit of pleasure in that. I tried to give her my number but she wanted an email.

I left into the city for home and only realized we were meant to go to a bar after the ceremony, just as I had gotten back to my apartment and flopped down.