mobile home leak


Riding along with my parents in the back of their massive, staggeringly huge mobile home. It felt like being in a luxury Semi Truck that's been hollowed out front to back. I sat on a couch, talking across the way to a friend as we rode through a campground. It was a very bumpy ride, but we kept ourselves occupied chatting. I watched the forest and other RVs go by as we circled around, and around, and around. Soon enough I got fed up as we had passed many open places.

"where are we even going? park already" My dad begrudgingly selected a spot and backed all the way in, so fast it felt reckless.

We got out and discovered why the ride had felt so bumpy. The dozens and dozens of wheels on the trailer were hideously deformed, bent into ovals by the weight of the machine. Many were flat. We looked on at them, hopeless as to what to do. My dad shrugged and went to the front. The machine was oozing coolant from the massive engine. We popped the hood. In this case it meant lifting the entire front of the flat-nosed vehicle high in the air so as to expose the engine. The engine was massive, a gunmetal shaft that extended several feet well back into the vehicle, like a jet turbine. It oozed gooey blue coolant from several valves at the bottom. My dad said we could pump it full of a few more gallons of the stuff and things would work out alright.