harbor chase


I am on the run because I purposefully, but accidentally killed someone. Wandering through a harbor, pier to pier, trying to buy an escape ride. The harbor has many trees scattered throughout and it is a pleasant day out. It is on the edge of a city. There are many people milling around. There's a small ship with a family boarding it. This first ship is going across the ocean, but in a skimmer, and charging 8000. The next ship is the same boat model but charging 25 dollars. I follow the captain around trying to pay him. He wanders all through a gift shop next to his pier. He tells me the trip is free but the money is for necessary accoutrements, like a map. I keep trying to pay him. I see people I know, which only makes me want to leave more. Soon enough, I see the guy trying to kill me, he is beating on my mom because everyone knows I killed his brother (even if it was cause he was trying to kill me.) He spots me but I duck away. I get to a manmade outflow, a river below the streets, it is several dozen feet below the walkways. My laces have come undone, I try and tie my shoes while up against the wall. He spots me from above and jumps down. He tries to fight. I take a few swings but tell him to wait for me to tie my shoes, so he does.