crystal cave


Wandering a massive foundry Into its basement Dust Fire

Exploring a crystalline cavern. Following its winding passages further in until I come to a sort of hub area. I walk over to one end of it and realize I need to find my way out. Something about each of the exits along the wall feels off until I get back to the end. I skip the one I came through, knowing the one at the very end must be it. I go in, following the dim light of my headlamp, shocked there's nothing lying in wait to attack. Eventually I see the shadow of some snake like creatures standing upright. I swing wildly as I can't get a good look at them and my lamp goes out. Soon I come to a brightly lit clearing and the lights go up, I had apparently brought a crew of about six people with me, and we met with a group that was already deep within the caverns.

The clerics that led the project wanted us to see a display of their power. So one took it upon himself to show us. He transmogrified his staff such that it became a sort of gravity top, a huge set of concentric circles spinning wildly, and entered into the middle of them. He then floated upward on the lift generated by this object, and showed off his ability to climb and stick to walls utilizing it. After a while he came back down, but apparently there was a feud between him and the lead cleric. The leader shifted the entire cavern as he was setting down against the wall, scraping and crushing him on his way down. He fell to the floor in a heap, though still alive. The leader feigned concern over his limp form.