I was living on some kinda boardwalk pier that was getting hit by a massive storm. It was pitch dark except for the lightning that lit up the clouds, the waves battered the shoreline, and it felt as though the entire thing were a boat about to capsize. I could see the path of the boardwalk ahead sway and twist side to side like a massive ribbon.

The place was ingrown and carnival-esque, as though the whole thing was a massive pier theme park. At some point as the buildings were being torn apart me and a strange friend took refuge in the upper floors of one of the arcade/ride/apartments. It was vintage feeling, peeling white paint with blots of red and blue on the insets.

He was keeping a lookout at the people passing below. Noticing someone of interest, he ran to the back of the alcove we were in and dragged out a strange machine. Some kind of mix between a fishing pole, vacuum with a wand, tesla coil, and medical equipment. He told me to hold one end while he cast it over the ledge at the unseen crown below. When he seemed to have attached it to his target he turned and gave me the signal to turn it on. I expressed some kind of distress at what'd happen and he assured me not to worry, this guy had it coming. So I went and did it. Electricity coursed through the device, pulsing over and over. The next thing I remember was standing in front of a glowing blue-green wall of various organs trapped in glass vials, on a large lit shelving unit built into a display wall, in the center of all of these tubes and pulsating organs was a desiccated but clearly living head in a jar, electricity coursing through it in steady measure. Its eyes rolled around in its head, until they met mine.