a hit gone wrong


Two Latino hitmen are wandering an RV park bickering with one another, one fatter and older, one skinnier and younger. They talk about trivialities and what to do later today. They fight over if they went the right direction or not. So on and so on. Eventually they realize they've come upon their target with a "fuck, he saw us!" as they rush up while shooting. The man they're trying to get is in the front of his RV firing off clips at the pair. They exchange fire in this fashion for a while, from his campsite to the RV, until the targeted man seems to wing each of the hitmen. He comes out to survey things and take the two into custody, but the bigger one jumps up to wrestle his gun away from him. As he does this the younger one sneaks up to lend a hand, but as he does the gun goes off in the middle of the other two's struggle, nailing him right between the eyes. He crumples down in a heap. The two continue to wrestle, the target wenches the gun to the assassins head and pulls the trigger. He crumples to the ground as well. The targeted man sits and catches his breath and surveys the damage to his home, with particular interest paid to the tires, which seem to be intact.