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Contemplated meat today. Something about the way that we have evolved from smaller single celled organisms to become analagous larger organisms still consuming each other made me feel like i could understand a little bit more of the writhing alien mass at the core of our state on this planet. Looking at raw meat, its gloss and patterns, its strange buglyness. You get a real sense that it is not effectively different from the amoeba.

This makes me feel at my core that the fact of life that is organisms must consume other organisms is immutable. When really seeing meat for what it is, it, plants, and anything else are mere matter. The act of consuming organic matterial is unchangeable without the acceptance of suicide, and all orangic material requires death to be paid. We can elide this by way of seperating ourselves from the processing of our food, but this is mostly for psychological protection. It would be good to come to better terms with the origins of our foods.